"A fresh face, a fresh start."

Carter Rogers, Durango City Council candidate

Meet Carter!

"Moving to Durango in 2020 from the Osage Reservation located near the State of Oklahoma, to attend Fort Lewis College, I am currently on track to complete my bachelors degree in Political Science. 

So why am I running for Durango City Council in the 2023 Durango, Colorado Municipal Elections? It's because I am passionate about improving the quality of life for all of our city's residents, improving and reducing business regulations for our locally owned businesses, and creating a responsible and equitable future for our city.

During my highschool education, I was a member and 1st place award winner of the Business Professionals of America, the largest Career and Technical Student Organization in the United States, as-well as the Network Administrator for the town of Ralston, Oklahoma where I worked to provide broadband access to rural citizens through the resources of the municipal government. My time in this role showed me what having an effective local government can do for all citizens.

In my time at Fort Lewis College, I have been active in many student and community organizations which have helped me creating lasting and impactful relationships with a variety of our community members. I was elected as Student Body President by a margin of 84% to 16% and effectively doubled student voter turnout in the election by creating genuine connections with my peers and fellow students and demonstrating the impact that local government can truly have when you get involved in its' processes. 

My youth should not deter you but instead my record of continued advocacy for improving the functionality and longevity of each organization and group I've been a part of should demonstrate that I have the means and the will to act when elected as a City Councilor for the City of Durango."